Gift Ideas for Audiophiles: Things Every Music Lover is Sure to Love

Music lovers, or commonly referred to as audiophiles, get excited by everything that has to do with music, especially gadgets. And so, gifting them something that can help them listen to their favorite songs in an even better way is never a bad thing.

Here are some gift ideas that are sure to satisfy music lovers:

Mp3 players

Any music lover will love you if you gift him or her the latest and hottest music player. It doesn’t matter whether it is the latest generation iPod or a recently-launched innovative product by Cowon. As long as it is good and has a great music engine your gift will be a hit. The only dilemma with this idea is that if you are not too close to the gift receiver, you may end up gifting something that he or she already has! So before you buy any mp3 or media player, make sure that the receiver does not have the same model already.

Portable speakers

There are all kinds of portable speakers you can buy on the market. There are those that help you rock the moment during weekend getaways, and there are those that enable you to connect your mobile or mp3 player and fire up the room. There are also some wireless models that are great for bathroom entertainment. Since music lovers love to listen to their favorite beats everywhere they go, the company of a good portable speaker is something they always crave.


You can never ever go wrong with a nice pair of headphones! Usually, when it comes to headphones, it is best to buy something expensive. But you can make your gift receiver happy by giving something that is modestly-priced, too. Just make sure that the pair of headphones is actually good and is from a reputed brand. Also, in case you can, try to know beforehand whether the person about to receive your gift loves bass more than treble or vice versa. The thing with true music lovers it that their tastes are very particular. So if you give a headphone having terrific treble to someone who gets mainly excited by bass, your gift may not be very well-received.


Most online music stations can be accessed for free, but there is a caveat. When those channels are accessed without paying, annoying ads keep playing from time to time. The only way to get rid of those ads is to purchase a subscription. So if you buy a music lover a subscription of his or her favorite online music station, you will be doing a favor really.

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